In the world of Blanvya, curiosity and creativity are intrinsically intertwined in one always-evolving, artful journey. Blanvya thrives on exploration, discovery, and the beauty of elevated design. “The world around us is our source of constant inspiration. Beauty exists in the smallest of details. Passionate, hands-on design and production turns found, raw input into refined and timeless statement pieces.”

All Blancya designs are carefully crafted with the highest quality materials. Purchasing high-quality environmentally friendly copper, pure precious metals and customized stainless steel, and obsessing over every detail.


At Blanvya, when we say handmade, we mean it. We’ve invested in all of our own machinery and tools which allow us to produce on a consistent basis with care and craftsmanship. From drawing sketches to creating molds, melting metals and final assembly, every piece of jewelry the brand releases is conceptualized and designed in-house. Blanvya has over 30 skilled craftsman and artisans on staff who are fixated on quality and perfection, and genuinely love what they do.

In addition to the personal attention each Blanvya piece receives, we put the same amount of time and energy into sourcing the materials we use. All products are crafted with the highest grade quality available . Although the fine metals we use fluctuate in market price, our retail prices do not. These include .925 Sterling Silver, 14k Gold and Rose Gold, and 18k Gold on specialty items. All of our plated and enamel pieces have a solid brass base, as we find it is the best metal to use to ensure day-to-day wear will not affect its look. We plan to introduce exotic skins into the collection on select pieces in the near future.